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Friday, March 14, 2008

Bush Touts the Benefits of Ozone!!!

Just one more example of the moral and ethical bankruptcy of George W. Bush as a person and a president.

This paragraph says it all:

"When the OMB's Susan E. Dudley urged the EPA to consider the effects of cutting ozone further on 'economic values and on personal comfort and well-being,' the EPA's Marcus Peacock responded in a March 7 memo: 'EPA is not aware of any information that ozone has beneficial effects on economic values or on personal comfort and well being.'"

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John Walke said...

For a behind-the-scenes look into more of the dirty details behind the President's interference with the EPA ozone standard, check out my posting at http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/jwalke/science_decider_in_chief.html